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When is be.ENERGISED Monitoring the right solution?

be.ENERGISED Monitoring is intended as an entry-level solution for the operation of a few charging stations and is the right solution for a wide variety of use cases. Regardless of whether it concerns the operation of company-internal charging stations for employees and fleet vehicles or publicly accessible infrastructure on guest parking lots, with be.ENERGISED Monitoring access can be flexibly regulated and charging sessions can be automatically billed to roaming customers (holders of charging cards from various service providers) and direct payers. be.ENERGISED Monitoring is a pure B2B solution and therefore can't be used in households.

What is the scope of be.ENERGISED Monitoring?

No matter whether one chooses the be.ENERGISED Monitoring single or the be.ENERGISED Monitoring plus package, the technical scope of services is identical in both cases. With both packages, one receives a SIM card (which is normally already integrated in the fully preconfigured charging station), one or more QR code stickers (which are normally already attached to the charge points) and one or more RFID cards.

After activation of the charging stations on the be.ENERGISED Monitoring platform, the charging station owner receives the access data for his/her be.ENERGISED Monitoring online account. This enables the charging station owner to obtain an overview of the status of the charging infrastructure and the charging sessions at any time. Charging sessions are assigned to the right party and data on charging behavior is processed statistically. If required, the charging station owner can opt for making the charging stations publicly accessible, whereby be.ENERGISED automatically handles the billing.

In addition, be.ENERGISED Monitoring offers the following possibilities:

  • Manage up to 20 charging stations
  • Possible charging station errors are reported immediately by e-mail
  • Mobile payment via credit card or PayPal at your publicly accessible charging stations
  • Automatic marketing of your publicly accessible charging stations on the
    most important e-mobility platforms (Hubject, NewMotion, PlugSurfing,
    BMW ChargeNow, Renault Z.E. Pass, E.ON, EnBW, EWE, GP Joule, Virta,
    Swisscharge, Groupe E, Alpiq, Groupe E, chargecloud, etc.)

Where can I buy be.ENERGISED Monitoring?

The be.ENERGISED Monitoring solution is only available as part of a All-in-One package together with one or more charging stations from a be.ENERGISED sales partner.


How can a connection to be.ENERGISED Monitoring be established?

be.ENERGISED Monitoring can only be used if the connection is set up via 4G. Accordingly, the 4G signal strength must be checked at the intended installation location during the planning phase. M2M SIM cards from be.ENERGISED are used for the connection via GSM.

Which OCPP version is supported by be.ENERGISED Monitoring?

be.ENERGISED is based on the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), whereby OCPP versions 1.5 and 1.6 – JSON and SOAP – are currently supported.

IT & Security

Which IT infrastructure requirements must be fulfilled for the use of be.ENERGISED

be.ENERGISED is a cloud-based software solution for the management and monitoring of charging stations as well as for the billing of charging sessions. The system is a cloud application that is operated exclusively on server systems operated by has.to.be gmbh. The charging station operator gets access to the application via web browser. The data storage is carried out by has.to.be, the charging station operator does not need to do own IT investments regarding the server infrastructure.

For proper operation of the software, the charging station operator must have at least the following IT infrastructure:

Operating systems:

  • Windows 8 or higher
  • Mac OSX Version 11 or higher
  • Linux Distribution Debian, Ubuntu, SuSE, RedHat

    Web browser:

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
    • Mozilla Firefox Version 27 or higher
    • Google Chrome Version 31 or higher
    • Apple Safari Version 7.0.1 or higher

    Internet connection with sufficient performance, i.e. at least 768 kBit/s downstream.

    How does be.ENERGISED deal with data protection?

    has.to.be gmbh undertakes to use data and processing results exclusively within the framework of system operation and to return them exclusively to the owner/operator of the charging station or to transmit them only after its written order. has.to.be declares in a legally binding manner that all persons entrusted with data processing are obligated to maintain data secrecy within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (EU GDPR) prior to commencing work. In particular, the confidentiality obligation of the persons entrusted with data traffic shall remain in force even after termination of their activities and departure from has.to.be.

    How does be.ENERGISED deal with data security?

    has.to.be declares in a legally binding manner that sufficient security measures within the meaning of Art 32 EU GDPR have been taken to prevent the improper use of data or unauthorised access to data by third parties. Compliance with the data security mechanisms is documented in the has.to.be security guidelines. has.to.be guarantees full implementation of the guidelines.

    How is personal data processed?

    Insofar as the charging station operator stores personal data in the software, data storage and processing shall be carried out exclusively on the basis of the statutory provisions, in particular on the basis of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation EU GDPR) and in accordance with the provisions of Annex 4  “Agreement to Guarantee Data Protection in Accordance with Article 28 and Onwards of the EU GDPR " of the be.ENERGISED operating agreement. Personal data are processed and stored exclusively within the European Union, the operational location is predominantly Frankfurt, Germany.

    Access and billing

    How can access to the charging infrastructure be regulated?

    With be.ENERGISED Monitoring, the charging station owner can flexibly control access and billing. One can decide which charge points are only accessible to the own customer base and which are accessible to all EV drivers.

    be.ENERGISED Monitoring distinguishes between the following three user groups:

    Own customer base
    This includes all charging card holders (e.g. employees) who have received a charging card from the charging station owner. These charging cards are not linked to a tariff in the system. This means that these charging cards allow free access to the charging infrastructure.

    Roaming customers
    Roaming customers are all EV drivers who have a charging card (or other identification media) from a third-party service provider (=roaming partner). be.ENERGISED is connected to the relevant roaming platforms (e.g. Hubject). Thus the charging station owner can already reach more than 180,000 charging card holders. Charging at publicly accessible charging stations of the charging station owner is subject to a charge for roaming customers. The charging station owner can decide for himself whether to make his charge points accessible to roaming customers.

    Mobile payment customers
    EV drivers who have neither a charging card from the charging station owner nor an identification medium from a third-party provider can start and pay for the charging sessions with a credit card or PayPal at publicly accessible charging stations from the be.ENERGISED network by scanning a QR code with their smartphone. The charging station owner can decide for himself whether to make his charge points accessible to direct payers.

    Who determines the costs of charging at public charging stations?

    The costs of charging at publicly accessible charging infrastructure for roaming customers and mobile payment customers is determined by the charging station owner. Operators can choose from several time-based, kWh-based and flat-rate tariffs. You can find an overview here.

    However, the charging station owner does not have to worry about billing, as be.ENERGISED does this automatically. This allows the charging station owner to concentrate on his core business. Every month, be.ENERGISED transfers the income from the charging sessions to the bank account of the charging station owner minus transaction fees. 

    Who takes care of billing of charging sessions?

    With be.ENERGISED Monitoring, charging sessions at publicly accessible charging stations can be automatically billed. The charging station owner does not have to take care of the billing himself. This is done automatically by be.ENERGISED and each month be.ENERGISED transfers the income from the charging sessions minus transaction fees to the charging station owner.


    Which RFID cards can be used?

    The be.ENERGISED Monitoring starter package includes one RFID card per charge point free of charge. These RFID cards are already assigned to the online account of the charging station owner. In principle, RFID cards of other providers can also be integrated, which must be MiFARE RFID cards. In this context, it should be noted that the tag IDs of the RFID cards must be entered as HEX codes, as the OCPP specification requires this. If this information is not known, contact the RFID card vendor/manufacturer.With be.ENERGISED Monitoring, an unlimited number of RFID cards can be managed.

    Can additional RFID cards be ordered?

    Yes. You can create and manage additional charging cards in your online account with be.ENERGISED Monitoring. The holders of these cards can use your charging infrastructure free of charge. To order further charging cards (RFID-Cards) , please contact our be.ENERGISED team at support@has-to-be.com

    Can additional QR code stickers be ordered?

    Yes, if additional QR code stickers are required for the publication of additional charge points, these can be ordered at support@has-to-be.com.

    Is it possible to manage more than 20 charging stations with be.ENERGISED?

    Yes. The charging station operator must switch from be.ENERGISED Monitoring to a higher-value be.ENERGISED subscription. This allows the charging station operator to manage an unlimited number of charging stations in the online account.

    For further information about be.ENERGISED Pro please contact be.ENERGISED at support@has-to-be.com

    Can be.ENERGISED monitor the charging infrastructure for the charging station owner?

    Yes. Nothing is more uncomfortable than standing in front of a charging station that doesn’t work. With the optional support package from be.ENERGISED, the charging infrastructure is in good hands, around the clock, 365 days a year. Because faults are automatically reported to the be.ENERGISED service centre – be.ENERGISED can react immediately and remedy them. If the EV driver is confronted with a problem at the charging station, the be.ENERGISED team is available via the hotline. For further information on the remote support service please contact be.ENERGISED at support@has-to-be.com