be.ENERGISED Monitoring

Smart charging for your company

Do you want to equip your company with one or more smart chargers? Then simply rely on the best solution available in the market right from the start – a smart charging solution with the innovative software be.ENERGISED Monitoring.

With a smart charging station you have everything fully under control, unlike with the simple wallbox. Monitor charging sessions in real time, determine who is allowed to charge at your station and activate a variety of professional functions as required. Thus, it's easy to get started and you're well prepared for the next steps in eMobility.

all-in-one total solution

All-in-One charging solutions
for your entry into eMobility

attractive offer for companies

Attractive offer for companies

We make it easy for you to get started in eMobility – You choose a compatible device including be.ENERGISED Monitoring and your charging station is instantly ready for use.

charging station and software

Unique flexibility

be.ENERGISED Monitoring is compatible with a variety of different charging station models. You are not tied to products from a single manufacturer and thus always remain flexible.

Why you should choose the right software

The be.ENERGISED Monitoring software turns a simple power source into a smart charging station. This is valuable not just for big companies. Small businesses and beginners also benefit from their smart infrastructure from day one onwards. Here you will find all the benefits at a glance.

data view in the monitoring software


Knowledge is power. This also applies to your charging stations. With be.ENERGISED Monitoring Software you always have a clear overview. You can find out at the touch of a button who has charged, when and how much. With the help of this collected data, you can make future investment decisions in a very targeted manner.

efficiency, assigned technician minimise downtime


Even with the best charging station models, errors and problems may occur.
be.ENERGISED Monitoring will automatically notify you or the assigned technician by email immediately when problems arise. In most cases, you or your technician can easily resolve the problems using remote access at the click of a mouse (e.g. rebooting the charging station). This helps you to minimise downtime and reduces on-site deployments.

Everything at a glance on the dashboard in the monitoring software

Everything at a glance on the Dashboard

With the Dashboard in the Monitroing Software ,you easily keep track of your charging infrastructure. You can find all the key data on an overview page. Here, you can see at a glance how much electricity your customers are charging, how many charging stations are in use, or whether a service deployment needs to be coordinated.

All this information is obtained in real time. Thus, be.ENERGISED gives you economical control of your charging infrastructure.

Make money with public charging points

This is how to open your charging station to third-party customers and ensure optimal utilisation

activate community feature in the monitoring software

Activate the COMMUNITY feature

So that everyone can charge with you. Open up your charging stations to third-parties and get the maximum out of your infrastructure. With no extra cost or effort! COMMUNITY is an included feature in the monitoring software that you can activate in your online account for individual or for multiple charging stations.

You simply define the tariff for which third-party customers can recharge at your charging station. The be.ENERGISED Monitoring platform then takes care of the rest – from the marketing of your charging stations to the automated billing of the charging processes.

Take advantage of all available subsidies

With the activation of the COMMUNITY function of be.ENERGISED, you meet the authentication and billing requirements for the use of subsidies for publicly accessible charging infrastructure.

automatic billing

Automatic billing

The be.ENERGISED platform takes over the billing of third-party charging processes. At the end of the month, you will receive a transparent overview as well as a credit.

At all times, you keep track of all the charging processes, charged energy (kWh) and charging durations. In addition, an export function of the charging data is available in your online account. Activating COMMUNITY functionality is 100 percent risk-free for you. be.ENERGISES takes over the risk of default.

automatic marketing

Automatic marketing

Your publicly accessible charging infrastructure is automatically listed on the common power station directories and charging station finders. This makes your charging stations accessible for every driver. Thanks to the real-time status display, users will always see if a charging point is free or occupied.

payment without contract

Open to all – Payment without contract

Each publicly accessible charging point is equipped with a QR code sticker. E-motorists can easily scan the QR code using a smartphone and then as usual pay online with PayPal or credit card – at a tariff that you determine, as the charging station operator.

open to all with roaming

Open to all – Roaming

The be.ENERGISED platform is connected to the relevant roaming networks Hubject (intercharge) and GIREVE. This allows users of charging services from a wide range of providers (NewMotion, PlugSurfing, BMW ChargeNow, Renault Z.E. Pass, Mercedes Charge & Pay, etc.) to charge at your public charging stations. Roaming customers simply use the RFID cards (charge cards) or Apps from their charging service providers.

You don't have to worry about connecting to the roaming platforms or about billing the roaming charging operations themselves. be.ENERGISED does all this for you.

Choose the right package

You can choose between the Single and the Plus package.
The Single package is used to connect a single charging station.
The Plus package is used to connect a master slave installation or several charging stations connected by a gateway.

be.ENERGISED Monitoring Single Package
for single charging stations
incl. SIM card

be.ENERGISED Monitoring Plus Package
for Master Slave installations
incl. SIM card

These services are contained within be.ENERGISED Monitoring

  • You receive an online account to manage your charging infrastructure
  • You can manage up to 20 charging stations
  • You can manage an unlimited number of RFID cards (charge cards) in your account
  • You will receive real-time information about the status and use of your charging infrastructure through your online account
  • You can allocate charging operations accordingly
  • You will automatically receive email notifications if problems arise with your charging infrastructure

  • You decide who can charge at your charging stations
  • You decide whether charging stations should be open to the public
  • You decide who has to pay for charging
  • Automated billing option for your publicly accessible charging stations
  • Direct payment via credit card or Paypal at your publicly accessible charging stations
  • Automatic marketing of your publicly accessible charging stations on major platforms

Further Questions?

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