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Smart charging solutions for your entry

Make it easy for yourself and rely on a future-proof solution right from the start. With a smart charging station and the be.ENERGISED Monitoring software, you are very well equipped. Regardless of whether you operate a single charging station or want to convert entire vehicle fleets to eMobility in the future. be.ENERGISED Monitoring enables the management of charging operations, access control to your infrastructure and, if desired, automated handling of billing.

Take advantage of all available subsidies

With the activation of the COMMUNITY function of be.ENERGISED, you meet the authentication and billing requirements for the use of subsidies for publicly accessible charging infrastructure.

Grow with us

Become part of an ever-growing charging network across Europe. The eMobility solution be.ENERGISED has received several awards and has enabled charging station owners in more than 28 countries to begin with smart operations. You too can benefit from our know-how and experience from more than 19,000 connected charge points.


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